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K- Grades 3/4 Language Arts and Children's Literature

The building blocks of literacy are introduced and solidified. Reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary enhancement are taught with the multi-sensory approach in conjunction with exposure to the best English language and classic children's literature.

Grades 4-8 Language Arts and Children's Literature

Ensuring sound writing habits, while strengthening vocabulary and comprehension skills prepares students for the more difficult demands of learning in later grades. 

Students receive a guided exploration of age appropriate classic children's fiction which encourages curiosity and enhances critical thinking skills required for all disciplines of learning.

Grades 9- 12 Written Composition, Spoken Word, and Literary Studies

Students at this level hone their command of written and spoken English for a range of audiences, while studying pivotal works of classic fiction and non-fiction to prepare them for the rigorous demands of later grades and post secondary studies.

Composition and Essay Skills

This course provides students with expert and professional guidance when it comes to learning the vital skills of  written and essay composition.

Learn about different writing styles and how to:

  • choose a topic
  • develop a plan
  • structure an essay
  • present an argument
  • develop an argument
  • conclude an argument

Storytime a​nd Nursery Rhymes ​​

Geared towards young children and preschoolers, this virtual story group engages kids with nursery rhymes and stories for 30 minutes. 

Singing and clapping is all part of the fun  while learning language, rhythm, vocabulary, and achieving spoken word confidence.

Shakespeare for Children and Teens

This course is specially tailored for either primary or secondary students and can be delivered individually or in small groups.

Children learn about the Bard himself, the Globe Theatre, and gain an early appreciation and foundational understanding of these pivotal works of Western literature to prepare them for future English studies.

Secondary students receive guided study and exploration of  Shakespeare's plays. Study one-one, or find a group of friends and sign up together!

Art  Appreciation and Art History

This course is tailored for primary or secondary school students and  guides students through some of the most important works of Western Art. 

Learn about different Art periods, artists and their work, and what was happening in the world around them at that time. 

This course is a perfect compliment to STEAM learning -- exploring the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Mathematics .

Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization

Studying ancient Greek culture and myth​ology is a crucial part of any complete education.

As the cradle of Western civilization, the myths, stories, and legends of Ancient Greece are not only fascinating and exciting works of literature for children and young adults,  they are a portal through which students can explore morality and human nature, as well as more complex themes about the nature of politics, power, and society. 

Tailored to specific age groups and designed to spark the imagination of youngsters and prepare older students for more rigorous scholarship.

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